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2020-05-25 28 minutes ago
What is the purpose and philosophy of the Nations Cup competition and how does IBTF ensure the Level B and Level A Nations Cup competition is fair for the athletes?

One of the main priorities of the IBTF is to support and promote the growth and development of all of our athletes worldwide.

2020-02-21 2 days ago
2023 World Freestyle Championship

The first IBTF World Freestyle Championship will be held August, 2023. Bids are now being accepted for hosting the 2023 event.

2019-01-01 2 weeks ago
2022 World Baton Twirling Championship

The first IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship will be held August, 2022 in Liverpool, England.

The event is composed of three separate competitions: the IBTF Nations Cup, the IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship, and the IBTF Majorette World Championship.

2019-01-01 2 weeks ago
WBTF athletes have been allowed to perform gymnastics but this has been restricted for WFNBTA. How will IBTF balance that difference?

At the 2015, 2017 and 2019 Grand Prix competitions, WBTF and WFNBTA judges have agreed that the use of acrobatics, though permitted, is not given extra consideration nor will its use contribute to determining the rating and ranking of the athletes.

2020-02-14 1 week ago
Is the WBTF International Cup style of competition, with different levels, being eliminated?

No, The IBTF Nations Cup is very similar in concept to the WBTF International Cup Level A & B.

2020-02-21 1 week ago
2022 Baton Twirling Rulebook

February 19, 2020 (UPDATED) - The Rulebook and Competition Handbook documents for the 2021 IBTF Nations Cup and World Baton Twirling Championship are attached below.

The events included in the 2021 Nations Cup and World Baton Twirling Championship competitions are:

2019-08-05 1 week ago
What disciplines are involved in the World Freestyle Championship?

The World Freestyle Championship includes the disciplines of Freestyle Solo, Rhythmic Twirl, Freestyle Pair, and Freestyle Team. The format for the competitions beyond the 2022/2023 cycle are still being established by the IBTF Executive.

2020-02-14 1 week ago
2022 WBTC Music

The official music selections for the 2021 World Baton Twirling Championship are attached below.

2020-02-12 1 week ago
Majorette Corps Categories at the 2022 World Championship

To see all rules and regulations pertaining the 2022 IBTF World Baton Twirling Championships see the 2021 Baton Twirling Rulebook.


2020-01-02 1 week ago
2023 World Freestyle Championship Hosting Bid Documents

The International Baton Twirling Federation is now receiving bids to host the 2022 World Freestyle Championship. All bids must be received no later than August 1, 2020.

2020-02-14 1 week ago
IBTF News Brief: 2023 IBTF World Freestyle Championship to include WFNBTA Rhythmic Twirl and WBTF Freestyle

Today’s news brief focuses on the 2023 IBTF World Freestyle Championship.  

Looking ahead to the disciplines of the Championship, the competition will offer both WFNBTA’S Rhythmic Twirl and WBTF’S Freestyle Solo.   

2020-01-02 1 week ago
How often are the IBTF World Championship competitions?

There will be an IBTF competition every year. These competitions will alternate between a World Baton Twirling Championship (beginning in 2022) and a World Freestyle Championship (beginning in 2023).

2020-02-14 1 week ago
How was the IBTF Executive Managing Committee chosen?

In 2013, Executive Members from each of the WBTF and WFNBTA met to explore a partnership that would bring together all of the baton twirling athletes in the world.

2020-02-21 1 week ago
What disciplines are involved in the World Baton Twirling Championship?

The 2022 World Baton Twirling Championship includes the disciplines of Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, X-Strut, Artistic Twirl, Artistic Pair, Duet, Twirl Team, Artistic Team, Twirling Corps, and Artistic Group.

2020-02-14 1 week ago
Is the 2022 World Championship the first combined world championship between the NBTA and USTA?

NBTA and USTA are both national organizations in the USA. The 2022 World Championship will be the first combined world championship between the WFNBTA and WBTF international federations.

2020-02-21 1 week ago
If the WFNBTA and WBTF are partnering to form the IBTF, what will happen to each of them?

Both organizations will continue to exist and operate independently for a period of time until it is deemed necessary to unify all systems.

2020-02-21 1 week ago
If those who do not currently do short program wish to enter the freestyle solo event in 2023, what avenues do they have to learn the short program?

As 2022 progresses there will be more detailed information about the 2022 World Freestyle Championship that will assist everyone who is interested in le

2020-02-21 1 week ago
2020 World Baton Twirling Day

April 10th is Baton Twirling's Special Day!   

It is the day we celebrate our great sport worldwide.  

Look for more information soon!  

2020-01-03 1 month ago