Is this all about getting Baton Twirling into the Olympics?

Getting to the Olympics is a wonderful goal, but it is not the only objective. Other than the Olympics, some of the most recognized sporting events in the world today are multi-sport events — the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, the Pan American Games and the Mediterranean Games — among others.

And, even before multi-sport games participation is a reality, the recognition of a single international governing has other benefits:

  • GAISF recognition has become the ‘gold standard’ which implies good governance by a democratic, fair, and legitimate international sports governing body.
  • GAISF recognition can assist with sport recognition recognition and acceptance by each country’s own sports governing bodies and governmental agencies.
  • GAISF recognition helps validate our sport to potential sponsors and mass media.
  • In many countries, GAISF recognition is a requirement in order to be eligible for funding, technical assistance, and sports training education methods. It can provide leverage for the access to and usage of training facilities.