Why did the WBTF take the lead on the GAISF membership application instead of the IBTF?

IBTF, as a new organization, does not meet the rigid requirements that GAISF imposes for membership. The same is true for the WFNBTA. Although NBTA has been established in North America and Europe for many years, it has only been officially established as an international organization since 2013 and by official international federation standards it still does not meet the requirement to be classified as an International Federation (having members on at least 3 Continents).

For all of the reasons above, the IBTF Executive Managing Committee felt it was important for WBTF to move forward with the application process, and an agreement was created stating that if and when the GAISF application was successful, both organizations would become a union as the International Baton Twirling Federation under the GAISF membership.

WBTF did not make this application with the intention of leaving WFNBTA behind or for that matter, absorbing the WFNBTA in the future. The WBTF and WFNBTA Executive Managing Committee has worked very hard together over the past six years to create and develop the future with great consideration and compromise.