How does the IBTF ensure the Level B and Level A Nations Cup competition is fair for the athletes?

It is the responsibility of the coach and athlete to enter the appropriate level in the Nations Cup based on the athlete’s true proficiency of skills and experience. The IBTF expects that all member federations will respect and honour these levels in order to uphold the integrity of International competition and promote a fair competitive environment.

By reviewing the Content Restrictions (refer to the IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship Rulebook) that are in place, athletes should enter the appropriate level based on their proficiency and competitive achievement. Athletes who compete at higher skill levels throughout the year in their respective countries, SHOULD NOT have routines “watered-down” in order to meet the content restriction requirement to compete at a lower level competition.

There is a specific prohibition that any athlete who has placed in the semi-finals/finals at a World Championship in any discipline may not compete in any B Level discipline at the IBTF Nations Cup.

In addition, there are extremely harsh scoresheet penalties for material that violates any content restriction (10% per occurrence; e.g., 10 points per occurrence on a 100-point scoresheet).