What is the purpose and philosophy of the Nations Cup competition and how does IBTF ensure the Level B and Level A Nations Cup competition is fair for the athletes?

One of the main priorities of the IBTF is to support and promote the growth and development of all of our athletes worldwide.

Through the Nations Cup, we are able to provide our less experienced and less advanced athletes the opportunity to compete at a lower tiered competition while still giving them exposure to the excitement and education of the highest levels of competition as it is being held just prior to the World Baton Twirling Championships. This international experience provides avenues for learning and incentives for those developing athletes that are extremely valuable. It is also practical in the fact that there will be athletes that may have different proficiency levels between the disciplines offered at the Nations Cup, the World Majorette Championship and the World Baton Twirling Championship. Traveling only once to be able to experience and perhaps take part in all 3 of these competitions makes economic sense.

The Nations Cup though has certain strict fair play rules and penalties in place that will protect the integrity and the philosophy of the competition. There are clearly defined content restrictions which are a list of elements that an athlete can and cannot demonstrate in their program to be eligible to take part in the level A and level B disciplines. It is very important for coaches and athletes to understand that this is not a competition where the athlete can just water down or simplify their routines to be able to compete in the lower tiers.  Providing this fair playing field for multiple skill levels is a vital part of the growth of our sport and all of the rules for the Nations Cup and the content restrictions etc. can be found in the IBTF World Championship Rule Book on our web site.


It is the responsibility of the coach and athlete to enter the appropriate level in the Nations Cup based on the athlete’s true proficiency of skills and experience. The IBTF expects that all member federations will respect and honor these levels in order to uphold the integrity of International competition and promote a fair competitive environment.

By reviewing the Content Restrictions (refer to the IBTF World Baton Twirling Championship Rulebook) that are in place, athletes should enter the appropriate level based on their proficiency and competitive achievement. Athletes who compete at higher skill levels throughout the year in their respective countries, SHOULD NOT have routines “watered-down” in order to meet the content restriction requirement to compete at a lower level competition.

There is a specific prohibition that any athlete who has placed in the semi-finals/finals at a World Championship in any discipline may not compete in any B Level discipline at the IBTF Nations Cup.

In addition, there are extremely harsh score sheet penalties for material that violates any content restriction (10% per occurrence; e.g., 10 points per occurrence on a 100-point score sheet).