If those who do not currently do short program wish to enter the freestyle solo event in 2023, what avenues do they have to learn the short program?

As 2022 progresses there will be more detailed information about the 2022 World Freestyle Championship that will assist everyone who is interested in learning more about Short Program (its criteria, and instructional education).

In the meantime, the WBTF website has public-available information about the Required Elements of the Short Program for Juniors - the same elements are contained in the Short Program for Seniors (the Senior division discipline also includes additional Accessory Material between these Required Elements). This would be beneficial in getting a start.

Also publicly-available on the WBTF website is the complete rules document for Short Program - the discipline is described completely in the Section 13 (Short Program) of the WBTF Policy Manual.

WFNBTA athletes always have the opportunity to attend clinics and workshops in their area where Short Program is being taught and may certainly seek the services of a coach to come and present a clinic on Short Program.