World Baton Twirling Day, A Celebration


World Baton Twirling Day signifies a time when baton twirlers from around the world come together to celebrate our sport. At the center of World Baton Twirling Day is unity, a guiding principle the event shares with the International Baton Twirling Federation. April 10, 2021 is the fifth anniversary of World Baton Twirling Day and will be no different! 

Let’s explore how World Baton Twirling Day came to be and what is next for the event. 

Where did World Baton Twirling Day come from?

At the 2016 World Baton Twirling Federation’s World Championship, the Athletes’ Commission wanted two things: (1) to find a way to bring awareness of baton twirling to the masses and (2) show more people around the globe just how amazing the sport of baton twirling truly is. 

World Baton Twirling Day was the solution! 

Inspired by World Dance Day, World Baton Twirling Day was a perfect way to unite the international baton twirling community. World Baton Twirling Day was imagined as an opportunity to share our love of the sport with the entire world, and maybe even inspire the next generation of baton twirlers in the process. 

On April 10, 2017, the WBTF launched the first ever World Baton Twirling Day. The Athletes’ Commission chose April 10th because World Baton Twirling Day would not share the date with any other international celebration. 

This first event set the standard and established traditions. Baton twirlers around the world shared their memories of their love for our sport. Members of the Athletes’ Commission choreographed a special routine to a piece of music unique to World Baton Twirling Day. The routine and music were a hit and twirlers from around the world shared their performances on social media. These traditions carry on today and have only grown in popularity. 

World Baton Twirling Day is an event created for baton twirlers, by baton twirlers! 

Passing the Baton

As the world came to a standstill last year due to COVID, World Baton Twirling Day proved we can unite and inspire our global baton twirling family. 

This year, the World Baton Twirling Federation is officially passing the baton to the International Baton Twirling Federation who will now host all official information for this annual celebration.

World Baton Twirling Day is the first of many IBTF will celebrate as the organization of the future of baton twirling. While the first IBTF World Championship was planned to take place in summer 2021, IBTF’s goal is to continue to unite the baton twirling community because, after all, we are stronger together! 

Now, Let’s Celebrate Together!

This year, let’s celebrate bigger than ever! 

Follow @ibtf_batontwirling on Instagram and Facebook for the latest official updates, details on the Live Learn Party in March, see how other baton twirlers are celebrating, and for other exciting posts counting down to April 10. 

Key information will be hosted on our website event page here. 

On World Baton Twirling Day April 10, make sure to tag all of your posts #WorldBatonTwirlingDay as a hashtag to follow each other’s videos and maybe even get featured in IBTF’s social media! Get your family and your non-twirling friends involved too! Let’s show how anybody can twirl! 

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting international competition, we hope now more than ever that you use World Baton Twirling Day as a way to share the sport with the world!

Happy Twirling!

World Baton Twirling Day